Individual Therapy

Individual therapy offered to adults (18+ years of age) residing in California through teletherapy. Therapy is weekly where each session lasts 50 minutes. Fee per session: $250

Superbills are available for those who have out-of-network coverage.

Limited sliding scale spots (a co-determined fee by therapist and client) are available for individuals who feel like they would be a good fit, but the cost would be an obstacle to obtaining treatment. This means that you are encouraged to contact Dr. Ramírez for an opportunity to discuss and set a fee that works for both of you (based on availability of sliding scale spots).

For a broad overview of what you can expect from therapy and other services, review the California Board of Psychology "For Your Peace of Mind: A Consumer Guide to Psychological Services" brochure.

Currently, Dr. Ramírez is only licensed in California which means that she can only provide therapy services to people residing in the state of California.

Group Therapy

A 50-minute processing group specifically for individuals who currently do not have a legal status in the U.S. (e.g., no status, DACA, TPS). This is a closed group for 5-6 individuals, meeting weekly for 12 weeks through teletherapy. Fee per session: $15

Current Start Date: 3/5/2024

Once the contact form is filled out, Dr. Ramírez will contact you to go over the purpose and content of the group, answer your questions, and determine goodness of fit for the group.

Immigration Mental Health Evaluations

Dr. Ramírez provides Immigration mental health evaluations to assess the psychological well-being of individuals seeking immigration status through a U-Visa/VAWA, waiver, or asylum application. The evaluation consists of 1 clinical interview through teletherapy if in California and in person or through teletherapy if in Nevada and will generally last 90 - 120 minutes. A written report is provided to your lawyer/ legal representative within 2 weeks.

These evaluations help determine whether the individual has experienced any traumatic events, such as persecution or violence, that may have had an impact on their mental health. Trained mental health professionals conduct these evaluations, using standardized assessment tools and techniques. The findings of these evaluations can play a crucial role in immigration decisions, as they provide objective evidence of the individual's mental health needs and the potential risks they may face if returned to their home country.

Fee: $1,500

Training/Workshops/ Consulting

Dr. Ramírez provides training, workshops, and consulting services to individuals and organizations:

  • seeking to improve their psychological services to Latino/a/x/e communities and undocumented communities with/without DACA status with a focus on intersectional identities

  • seeking to improve overall morale and well-being through the use of targeted coping skills

  • seeking to improve their Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion practices

Fee: determined based on organizational needs, duration of services, travel, and materials provided.

Guest Lecturer/ Public Speaking

Dr. Ramírez is an experienced speaker and lecturer in both academic and non-academic spaces specializing in:

  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

  • Working with Latino/a/x/e communities

  • Working with undocumented (with/without DACA) communities

  • Faith/Spirituality in therapy

  • Social Justice and Activism

  • Dr. Ramírez's experience as a plaintiff in the DREAMer's Lawsuit, a DACA recipient, and psychologist

  • Dr. Ramírez's view on life as the result of her lived experience which includes: healing and change will truly come through genuine relationships, the presence of pain does not negate beauty and joy, and we are all worthy and deserving of All Good Things

Fee: determined based on organizational needs, duration of services, travel, and materials provided.

Media Requests

Dr. Ramírez has an extensive repertoire of media experience due to her activism and mental health perspective within the undocumented communities in the U.S.

Additionally, she can speak to any of the issues described in the Guest Lecturer/ Public Speaking section and areas of expertise.