About Dr. Ramírez

Dr. Ramírez knows how important it is to have a therapist who can understand your lived experience and context. She works primarily with adults (age 18+) who are underrepresented minoritized individuals in mental health services. Of note, Dr. Ramírez specializes in working with individuals navigating being undocumented (e.g., no status, DACA, TPS) in the United States and first-generation individuals who may be experiencing any of the following: difficulty with family dynamics, conflicting cultural expectations, a history of physical/sexual abuse, and intimate partner violence (Domestic Abuse). She has experience treating anxiety, depression, and various forms of trauma (single event, multiple events or on-going). Many people who work with Dr. Ramírez are seeking to improve their daily life and relationships and want to feel understood. Dr. Ramírez values cultural and individual diversity and the ways they are expressed in their work, educational, social, faith, and familial settings.

Dr. Ramírez received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California. Dr. Ramírez has worked in community mental health centers, college counseling centers, private practices, and schools. Dr. Ramírez is also an unrelenting activist and advocate for the undocumented community. Dr. Ramírez is distinguished in her national efforts to fight for the lives and dignity of those with DACA status. In 2017 she participated in filing the lawsuit against the Trump Administration for illegally rescinding DACA. In 2019, the case was addressed by the Supreme Court and in 2020, the efforts to discontinue DACA were deemed unconstitutional, providing ongoing protection for the 700,000+ individuals who rely on DACA. Currently, the future of DACA recipients continues to be uncertain.

Additionally, Dr. Ramírez uses her clinical expertise in her social justice efforts to advocate for the Latino/a/e/x and undocumented communities. She has aimed to increase accessibility by collaborating on the creation of specialized mental health resources for individuals with precarious legal status, providing targeted outreach events in her community, and facilitating trainings for mental health professionals who seek to better serve individuals of Latino/a/x/e heritage and with varying legal statuses (e.g., no status, DACA, TPS, first-generation)